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Many things could stop your air conditioning system from blowing cold air, such as the following.

  • Improper thermostat setting
  • Clogged air filter
  • Frozen evaporator coil
  • Blocked condenser unit
  • Refrigerant leak
  • Undersized/oversized A/C unit

If your air conditioning unit does not blow cold air, one thing is for sure – something is wrong with its component or with the unit itself. Skilled techs would be able to tell what’s wrong with your unit in a short time and fix the issue so the unit can cool your indoor environment again.

A high-pitch whistling sound is an indication of a problem with your air conditioning unit. The A/C may be making that sound because of the following:

  • Blocked return vents
  • Clogged air filter
  • Leaky ducts
  • Partially or fully closed dampers

Most causes of high-pitch whistling are easy to fix. What’s challenging is determining the root cause of the problem. It may take you a lot of time to figure out the problem if you aren’t well familiar with A/C. If you want to stop that quite scary and definitely annoying whistling sound, you may want to contact your local HVAC repair contractor.

So your unit stopped working again, and you don’t know whether to get a repair or replacement? Well, if you notice the signs listed below, then a replacement is the solution. If not, go for repair.

  • The unit is over ten years old
  • The unit requires frequent repair and the repair bill is around or half the price of the A/C unit
  • The unit isn’t efficient anymore.