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AC maintenance in Euless, TX

A Homeowner’s Guide to AC Maintenance

Air conditioning units are crucial to any comfortable home, so keeping them well-maintained is important. In this blog, we’ll discuss the basic maintenance tasks that homeowners can handle themselves and tasks that are better left to professional AC maintenance technicians in Euless, TX.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks You Can DIY

There are several maintenance tasks you can perform on your AC unit to keep it running smoothly. These tasks are generally easy to do and don’t require any special skills or tools.

1. Check and replace your air filter regularly. 

This is probably the simplest and most important thing you can do to maintain your AC unit. A dirty filter will make your AC unit work harder, which wastes energy and drives up utility bills. Most filters should be replaced every three months, but check your filter’s manufacturer guidelines to be sure. Some filters can last for a year.

When replacing a filter, make sure to purchase and use one that’s compatible with your unit. You may be tempted to get a filter with higher efficiency, but it will only do more harm than good if it’s not made for your unit.

2. Keep the area around your HVAC unit clear of debris. 

Your AC unit needs to have good airflow in order to work properly. Keep the area around your unit clear of leaves, grass, and other debris. Make sure there are at least two feet of clearance all around the unit and that the compost bin, trash cans, and other objects are not too close. Anything close to the condenser or the indoor vents will restrict airflow.

3. Trim back any foliage that is near the AC unit. 

If there are bushes, trees, and other plants near your air conditioning system, it’s best to trim them. You also have to check the outdoor unit. Leaves and twigs may get caught in the fins, which will impede airflow and cause your system to work harder. It’s a simple AC maintenance in Euless, TX, but it will go a long way in keeping your Air Conditioning efficient.

4. Inspect the AC unit’s ductwork regularly.

You can perform a virtual inspection of the ductwork. Look for any visible cracks, leaks, or holes in the ductwork and call an HVAC repair technician as soon as possible. Even small leaks can cause your AC unit to work harder than it needs to and waste energy. You may also pay attention to sounds and smells coming from your HVAC system. Sometimes, you may hear strange noises and foul smells if pests have entered the ductwork.

5. Clean the coils on your AC unit monthly. 

The coils can get dirty over time, which reduces the efficiency of the unit. Use a soft brush or cloth to clean the coils, being careful not to damage them. If you’re not confident handling this job, you can always leave it to the experts in AC maintenance in Euless, TX.

6. Straighten the fins.

The fins on your AC unit can become bent over time due to weather conditions or debris. When this happens, it creates more resistance to airflow and can cause your AC unit to work harder and use more energy. You can easily straighten the fins on your AC unit with a fin comb. Just be careful when doing this task. 

7. Clean the drain.

The drain line carries away water that condenses on the coils. If it becomes clogged, water will back up and potentially damage the unit. You can use a stiff wire or pipe cleaner to clean the drain line. First, disconnect the power to the AC unit and then remove the access panel to locate the drain line. Once you’ve found the drain line, insert the wire or pipe cleaner into the line and gently push it through to clear any debris.

What HVAC Maintenance Tasks Should Be Left To Professionals?

As a homeowner, it’s important to know when it’s time to leave AC maintenance in Euless, TX to the experts. While there are some tasks you can handle on your own, others are best left to those with the training and experience necessary to ensure the job is done right. Here’s a look at four AC maintenance tasks that should always be left to the pros.


Any work involving refrigerants must be left to a licensed AC maintenance technician in Euless, TX. This includes tasks like topping off the refrigerant or charging the system. Not only is this work potentially dangerous, but it also requires special training and certification. Attempting to do this work on your own could result in serious injury or damage to your air conditioning system.

Electrical Work

HVAC systems rely on electricity to function. It contains a lot of electrical components that could get damaged. It’s no secret that any work involving electricity is dangerous. Even AC maintenance technicians in Euless, TX who went through training and had years of experience, still got injured and remained at risk of electrocution. What more for someone who doesn’t know anything about electrical work?

Cleaning the Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are responsible for dissipating heat from the refrigerant. Over time, these coils can become dirty, which can cause the system to overheat. While cleaning the coils yourself is possible, it’s best to leave this task to a professional. They have the training and experience necessary to clean the coils safely and without damaging the unit.

Inspecting and Cleaning the Ductwork

The ductwork is responsible for distributing air throughout your home. Over time, it can become clogged with dust and debris, reducing efficiency. While you can inspect the ductwork on your own, it’s best to leave cleaning it to experts in AC maintenance in Euless, TX. They have the tools and experience necessary to clean the ductwork without damaging it.

Replacing Worn-Out Components

Air conditioning systems have a lot of moving parts that can wear out over time. While it’s possible to replace these parts yourself, it’s best to leave this task to a professional. They have the training and experience necessary to properly replace the components without damaging the unit.

Why Should You Service Your Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioning system is one of the most important systems in your home, and it’s important to keep it running smoothly. There are several reasons why you should service this equipment regularly:

  • Improve efficiency – A well-serviced air conditioning unit will run more efficiently than one that isn’t, meaning you’ll save money on your energy bills.
  • Prevent untimely breakdowns – An AC maintenance in Euless, TX usually includes a thorough system inspection. This means any issue with your unit will be spotted early, so you can take necessary actions to prevent it from developing into a major problem.
  • Improve indoor air quality – A well-functioning and clean air conditioning system will circulate dust and possibly germ-free conditioned air. You don’t have to worry about aggravating respiratory illnesses, such as asthma.
  • Extend the lifespan of your system – Just like any other mechanical equipment, your air conditioning system will have a longer lifespan if you service it regularly. This is because regular AC maintenance in Euless, TX can prevent major issues that could cause irreparable damage to your unit.
  • Ensure safety – A properly functioning AC system is essential for maintaining a comfortable and safe home environment. Servicing your system can help to identify potential safety hazards before they become a problem.

These are just a few reasons why servicing your air conditioning system is important. If you have questions about AC maintenance or need to schedule a service appointment, contact our technician today.

Why Call MillionAire Heating & Air Conditioning For Your AC Maintenance in Euless, TX?

Air conditioning maintenance is important for any Euless, TX homeowner. Whether you have a central AC unit or a ductless mini-split system, regular maintenance is the key to keeping your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently. At MillionAire Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer comprehensive AC maintenance services that will keep your system in top shape all summer long.

We offer “ABC” Service Membership to all of our customers – it is a convenient “Your Comfort, Your Way” service. You can choose from four plans: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond.

You can go for the bronze if you want the most basic maintenance. It includes the minimum requirement for keeping your air conditioner in good condition. On the other hand, the silver plan is a more comprehensive maintenance service that includes everything in the bronze plan plus a few extra benefits and discounts.

The gold and diamond plans are our most comprehensive maintenance services. They include everything in the silver plan plus a few extras, such as priority service and more money-saving deals.

We’ve already listed all features and prices of our ABC Service Plan on our ABC Service Membership page. Please feel free to visit the page for more information or call our team at (817) 863-0747 if you’re ready to sign up for a plan.

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