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The ideal humidity for the indoor space is around 35%, but 30-40% works best. If you go higher than this level, condensation can occur on windows leading to mold and allergies in some people.

Also, it is known that the number one cause of allergies is dust mites, which means that it should be a priority never to let your room reach 50% relative humidity, for it is where dust mites usually thrive. While some allergens like mold thrive in higher than 60%, leading to asthma and respiratory infections!

So, to answer the question, yes, too much humidity is a bad thing!

Without proper HVAC filter cleaning or replacement, your unit may work twice harder leading to inefficiency. It can also lead to accelerated breakdown and ineffective heating or cooling. That is why we at MillionAire Heating and Air Conditioning recommend having your HVAC filters replaced or cleaned at least monthly.

However, this may vary depending on several occasions. This includes the frequency of unit usage, how big your room is, the quality of your HVAC filter, the number of pets, and etc. You can also follow the manufacturer’s filter guidelines. Or you can contact one of our pros to inspect your unit.

If you want a more efficient and long-lasting unit, you should take good care of them. You can start by cleaning and replacing your HVAC filters regularly. This will allow your unit to work smoothly without added pressure from clogged dust and debris.

Overall, you’ll need to give your unit proper and prompt maintenance service. This will help you have better indoor air quality, a long-lasting unit, better cooling or heating, and manageable energy bills.