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Furnace Maintenance Hurst

The Basics of Furnace Maintenance

Are you keeping your furnace in check? Your furnace gives you the warmth you need to be comfortable throughout the cold months. Your furnace, however, also needs some maintenance to run smoothly. 

In this blog, we’ll debunk some furnace maintenance myths, its importance, and why you should hire experts to service your system.

Debunking Furnace Maintenance Myths

Surely, you should have an idea or two about myths revolving around furnace maintenance in Colleyville, TX

In this section, we’ll discuss some of these myths to help you see how they’re wrong. That way, your furnace won’t have to suffer consequences.

You can wait until winter is over to get your furnace serviced.

Furnace maintenance in Colleyville, TX is something that needs to be done throughout the year. Don’t let yourself believe in old wive’s tales about waiting until the last cold snap of the winter to get your furnace serviced. 

As long as you have a gas furnace, have it looked at before summer comes – and the same goes for furnaces powered by oil or electricity.

You can wait until a problem arises with your furnace.

It’s best to schedule regular maintenance to curate all problems before they get out of hand. This gives you a chance to nip any troubles in the bud, and it’s much easier to deal with minor problems than larger ones. 

Also, if your furnace is too old to keep up with your thermostat, it might be time for a replacement or at least an inspection.

You can wait for your furnace mechanic to recommend routine maintenance.

Many homeowners mistake waiting for their furnace mechanic to tell them that maintenance needs to be done. Sometimes, technicians see something wrong and recommend immediate servicing. 

Other times, they’re reminding you that routine maintenance should take place without necessarily finding any issues with your system at that particular moment in time. The bottom line: don’t rely on these reminders and schedule regular appointments for your furnace.

The only type of maintenance I need is a tune-up.

A full inspection will allow you to learn about the state of all components and parts in your furnace, and it will let you know if anything needs to be replaced. Simple cleaning will not do. The only way to ensure your furnace is running its best for years to come is by getting an inspection and fixing any issues that may arise.

My contractor does all the furnace servicing that I need.

A lot of homeowners have a professional do all their furnace servicing. If you want to ensure your system is running in peak condition, hiring different professionals for inspection and cleaning will be better. 

This way, you can ensure no problems are slipping through the cracks; an expert will know what to look out for when inspecting different parts of your heating system.

Why is Furnace Maintenance Significant?

Homeowners who neglect their furnaces deal with carbon monoxide poisoning, faulty heat exchangers, and high gas bills from overworked heating equipment. All these problems can be avoided by simply getting a cleaning or inspection done on your system once or twice each year. 

Let’s talk about the reasons why it’s essential.

Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a deadly and dangerous chemical that can become trapped in your home if your heating equipment isn’t working properly. If you go too long without servicing this equipment, carbon monoxide can slowly seep into your home. 

Something as simple as dirty burners or an unlit pilot light could cause such problems. So it’s best to schedule regular maintenance visits to ensure everything is cleaned and inspected – especially if you’re dealing with a gas furnace.

Heating Equipment Damage

Most homeowners understand the potential dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning; however, damage to heating equipment doesn’t occur nearly as often despite being just as problematic. 

A faulty heat exchanger will cause problems with your furnace’s operation and can sometimes lead to a need for an expensive replacement. This is why you should have all components inspected by a professional after a pre-determined number of heating cycles or after a certain period has passed.

High Utility Bills

If your furnace isn’t working as efficiently as it could be, you’ll find yourself dealing with hefty energy bills each month. The average homeowner who neglects their heating equipment will spend 30 percent more on utility costs than those who maintain this equipment properly. 

What does this mean? If you wait too long to get even the simplest cleaning done – especially for older furnaces – you could end up spending hundreds of dollars each year.

Your Safety Matters 

There’s no denying that your furnace is an essential part of your home; without it, you’d be stuck trying to stay warm on frigid days. However, if you ignore the warning signs displayed by your heating equipment – including noticeable noises or smells – you could end up with a furnace-related emergency on your hands. 

It’s best to keep your system running safely and efficiently by performing regular maintenance. This will reduce the chances of problems occurring and decrease the chances of an unexpected breakdown during cold weather.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

If you’re concerned about the environment and want to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s best to take steps right now. Not only should you try to recycle as much as possible at home. It would be best if you also considered ways to cut down on unnecessary energy usage. 

One way to accomplish this is by maintaining your furnace properly; even a simple cleaning can reduce the number of chemicals released into the air. Your heating equipment will be running more efficiently once its parts are free from dirt and grime.

Reasons to Hire an Expert for Furnace Maintenance

Your local HVAC experts are there for a reason: to provide you with quality and safe furnace service. That can include cleaning, inspections, or repairs. If you are having problems with your furnace, it’s essential to get these issues taken care of as soon as possible. 

Here’s why you should call a licensed technician:

They Know Your System

Your heating equipment may be old or new. At one point, it was installed and set up by professionals who knew the best way to make sure everything was working correctly. If there is a problem, they will know how to fix it. 

Sometimes homeowners try to fix their furnace on their own and make worse problems that require even more expensive repairs later on.

It’s Not Worth The Risk

Furnace cleaning can be dangerous work because of the chemicals involved. For example, you should not use water for this purpose as it can cause damage and lead to rusting and corrosion in parts of the system, such as the boiler. 

Instead, what you’ll need is an expert who can handle all safety precautions and who has the correct supplies to do a thorough job.

They Can Inspect Your System From Every Angle

Your local technician may have installed your furnace system some time ago, but that doesn’t mean it’s still in top condition. In fact, you might be dealing with some broken or damaged parts, such as a cracked heat exchanger, but don’t know about it yet because you haven’t had a professional inspection done. 

As long as you hire the right technicians, they will check out every component of your heating equipment, including those hard-to-reach areas. So you can rest assured knowing exactly what needs to be repaired or replaced in your home’s HVAC system.

They Know How To Tackle The Tough Stuff

Any homeowner who has tried to fix their furnace on their own knows it can be a problem. However, your heating equipment is even more advanced and complicated than you might realize. For instance, the thermostat alone may have close to 100 different connections and wires. 

If you don’t know how they work together or where each one goes, there’s no way you’ll be able to figure out why your system is acting up. Instead, focus on getting your furnace serviced by professionals for regular maintenance and quick repairs as needed; this will keep it running safely and properly for years to come.

It Pays Off

Many benefits come along with hiring a qualified technician for furnace service, including staying safe and running your system with the best possible results. However, there is one more that you might not have even considered: saving money. 

A technician who knows how to fix this problem correctly can save you hundreds of dollars per year. That alone makes having a professional inspection well worth the cost!

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