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MillionAire Heating & Cooling Q&A

Why MillionAire?

Why MillionAire?

It’s been a long time coming for me to start putting the vision down plainly and give credit to where credit is due for the name, its origin, the ultimate intent of why our business came into being, and what problems we’re here to solve in the air service industry. Turn On The Time Machine: MillionAire is a time machine. Rewind to the days of truly great “full-service” companies. Think of an old-school full-service gas station. You pull up, and there’s a clean, well-dressed attendant, shirt tucked in, tie just right, and a friendly smile ready to help. He takes your fuel order, checks the basic fluid levels, tops things off, and sends you on your way with a wave. After paying a fair price for excellent service, you drive away and feel, “Wow, that was full service; they treated us like family.” Todays Service Industry Problems: When was the last time you had someone to repair or perform maintenance in your home and constantly felt “sold” on stuff versus served and educated? This is the MillionAire Time Machine. We help clients understand their homes, train them on ways to save money and educate them on how to use their equipment most efficiently. Stop settling for companies nickeling and diming you in your home. Let us help you take care of your home and family so you can return to the things that matter! Faith and Family! Contact us today by clicking here. -Brandon, Acts 3:19
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